Art of Selling: How to sell without selling?

Every body like to buy, we like shopping, buy a new video game, new shoes etc. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your wife or girlfriend, 8 from 10 of them will say they like shopping. But no one like to be sold. Yes even your family, friend sold something to you, you will not like it. Most of us buy because we just want to help them.

Before we go to how to sell , we will go to why we buy something?From beginning we buy something just because two simple reasons. One we buy because we need it, we buy food because we will starve if we not eat. we buy clothes because we need to cover our body. Second one is because we want it, i want that new shoes, i want a new car, etc.

Now we know the basic simple why someone buy something. So how we sell our product?Should i go to random people and ask them to buy our products? Unfortunately you will just got a ton rejection. because its human nature that they will become aware and be careful with something “new”.

First, if you can make your product from “want” become “need” it will be perfect. For example 25 years ago mobile phone is “want” product, but now days everyone “need” it and can’t live without it.

Second, let other people sell your products. I doesn’t mean that we ask other people to sell our product directly, but let them to speak about our product. Everyone not like to be sold, but they like to share and receive the information. If many people tell your is good, they will be look like buy your product.

My mother doesn’t like to use technology to clean the floor, and it will be impossible to ask her to buy robot. No matters how much you say she will never heard it, and i know it. So one day i can not see her to clean the floor every day, i realise that she is older now and without she know , i just buy the robot from Amazon and sent it to home.

At that time, i buy Evovacs Deebot 900 because the quality is really great and affordable, you can buy the product from

You know what happened? Yes she blabbering a lot and give me a ton of reasons why she doesn’t need it. But after she see how it works, she changed her minds. If you ask her now she will give you a thousand of reasons why you need this product.

Right now she even buy another one without i know, and i more surprised when i know my auntie and cousins also buy the robot cleaner because my mom recommend it to them. That is the viral marketing, so if you want to sell without selling, then make your customer sell it for you. Thank you

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