Art of sell : Do not sell to everybody

“Sell me this pen” said Jordan Belfort to his new employee and the employee try to explain how good that pen.Just simple word but it become phenomenal until now.

Why Jordan Belfort ask this question? The answer is he just test someone , did they understand the basic of selling? If your customer do not need that pen right now, no matter how many reasons you explain how good that pen, he will not buy it.

There is two basic rules in selling, first find people who need your product. I think it easy to sell a pen to someone who forget to bring his pen in the exam. Even if you sell it two times from the original price, he will buy it .

Second make a condition where your product is needed. I give you example from my working experience. When i work as a sales manager in Indonesia, i try to convince my supplier in Pontianak to sell our product but he does not interested to become our supplier. No matter how many times i explain the benefits and reasons, he still not interested.

I just leave my contact to him, hopefully he change his mind. What should i do next? I have an idea, i go to a retailer in that region and ask them to help me distribute my product in attractive benefit. I also make a campaign in that region, no need a long time my supplier call and ask me that he want to become my supplier. Later i ask him why he suddenly change his mind? He say because there is a lot of people come to his place ask about my product.

Never waste your energy, time and effort to sell to everybody. Maybe they are not your fit customer right now. It is better focus to sell your product for someone who need it right now. Thank you

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