Art of sell : Selling is about built relationships not one night stand

I know one thing to ruin your business instantly, serve your customer badly. Right now viral marketing is a great weapon to increase your brands, but it also can be your nightmare if you do it wrongly.

Sometimes people assume closing the sales is end of the journey, like have sex in one night stand and forget it tomorrow, unfortunately it is totally wrong. The moment after you closing the sales is the beginning of your journey. There is a lot of reasons why people buy our products, sometimes they buy our products not because our products was great. It is a brutal truth that a lot of people buy a product for a first time just because they want to try, or they buy a product because they feel pity for the salesman.

Whatever the reasons we have to thank for our customer because the moment they buy our product is a opportunity for us. What we do after that is the most crucial part. Selling is like marriage, it is about building relationship. Just a simple greeting your customer name when she come back to your store already give a boost their opinion about our products.

I am personally have a bad customer experience not long time ago. My wife just buy for me a birthday present, a very nice belt from famous France brand. I am really happy at that moment because it is really cool, but unfortunately the belt is loose, thanks to my new healthy habit in this circuit breaker, i lost about 10 kg.

So we decided back to the boutique store and ask the customer service to help us. After he see the belt, i feel uncomfortable because he say something that not nice to me. He say “ok sir, i just help you this time.. but we will not accept this belt as our product anymore because it is not our standard”. I just feel really uncomfortable, my wife just buy this belt in this store few days before and this belt is cost few thousand dollar, why you give us such attitude?

I just keep silent to avoid unnecessary problem. The customer service quickly give additional hole in the belt and quickly give us the belt without single word and he just go to other place and leave us there without say anything. He look us like annoying customer, my wife already so angry but i ask her to just quickly out from that store. After that i promise to myself to never buy that brand anymore. Thank you

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