Art of Sell : No one genius is Sales

Small product with red color with very catchy jingle sold 1,8 billion every day. We see this product in every department store, I am sure you know what product I am talking about? Yes, it is coca cola. I am sure we have drink it before, I describe the taste have a rich sweet flavor and soda.

Coca cola sold 1,8 billion bottle every day with the same taste. I don’t know how they can sale a product with the same taste in amazing sales every day. Everyone will think that is because the product is a lucky star, because the taste is unique and really nice, or maybe because they have a genius marketing.

In his first year coca cola was sold 25 bottle in one year. No one will believe it, how can such great product just sold 25 unit in one year. Coca cola just $1 each can, how can they just get $25 each year? I am sure you can sell your product better than them, but that is a fact.

Coca cola achievement right now is not something that can be get in 1 or 2 years, but they achieve it in more than 100 years. It was the result of hard work, smart campaign, consistent sales and faith in 100 years. If they give up in their first year, there is no 232 billion dollar company right now.

We sometimes feel upset, discourage, insecure about our product. Why my sales is never increase? Why no one buy my product? Am I no good in Sales? I told you right now, no one genius in sales. You just need to persist and believe in yourself. The result of great sales formula is accumulation of sales with satisfying customer. Remember , even coca cola just sold 25 bottles in one year. Never give up!

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