Art to Sell : Customer is a king, and king never bargain

Your customer is a king, so you have to treat your customer as best as you can. In medieval era, king like to buy a product from merchants. All the merchants will try to bring the best items that they can find and show it to the king. If king like it he will buy it at the good price, but if you show a junk then you have prepare tlose your life.

That is why never sell a poor quality product or service to your customer. Bad product is always bad, your customers will never like it. What do you feel if you buy a cloth for your kid today and the next day after you wash the new cloth, you find that the cloth is shrinking? You will feel like being fooled or betrayed and i am sure you will never buy from that shop anymore. Worse you will give a bad testimony for that product to every single person you can find.

Chanel and Louis Vuitton is a good example for this case. Last time i promise to give my wife birthday present a branded bag . I go to their boutique shop, when i arrive the customer service give me a nice greeting and try to serve me and explain their products to me. They really try to serve me the best that they can.

When i ask them the price of the bag that i want, i am quite surprised , “oh my god, what a crazy price is this” i said in my mind and try to act cool. I know it is impossible to ask discount for their brands because i know they wold rather to burn their unsold products rather than sell it in discounts. After that i buy that bag and go home , when my wife see what i buy for her present she is really happy. ( maybe i am the one who crying )

Never trade your quality with the price. You have to give the best product and service to your king. Your quality will describe your brand, your quality is your best advertisement. If your customer think that your price too expensive, maybe they are not your king. Thank you

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