Art of Sell : Update to your customer

Online shopping is not a big news right now, everyone love to buy from online because it is easy, and sometimes can be cheaper than brick and mortar. It make a great chance for a new seller to join in this business, they also can become dropshipper.

Dropshipper is one of hot business chance right now, you don’t need a to have the product, you don’t need to maintain warehouse. You just need to resell supplier product to your customer, and the supplier will send it to your customer.

Sound excellent, easy and great opportunity for this business, but actually is not easy as it look. There is one problem in this business, you do not have quality control for the product that you sell. You also hard to update information about your product to your customer, because you need to wait the response from your supplier too.

Not long tome ago i just buy a swing for my son, i begin to do research in internet and i found it in online shop platform. I try to contact the seller and ask a few question about the swing, and the seller give a nice and fast response. I like his explanation so i decide to buy from him. Everything sound good, i pay to him and he say he will update about the delivery.

The next day i wait his update to me, but there is no news from him. I think maybe he just busy and forget so i wait to the next day. The second day, i also not receive the news from him, so i decide to chat him but i don’t get the response. At the third day he reply me and say delivery will be need 7 working days.

After i wait about more than one week , my swing arrive. When i see the package i feel something wrong because the box not sealed properly. I try to ask the courier but the courier tell me to ask the seller. I hope everything is ok, so i just begin to assembly to swing, unfortunately what i afraid really come, there is a missing part.

I try to contact the seller, but he don’t active until next day. He reply me and ask what part is missing and i explain to him. He say he will check it, and he not update to me about three days. I feel really uncomfortable because he doesn’t give me another update.

At last everything is ok, the seller send me the missing part to me. But his response to update for his customer is bad, he make me uncertain about the situation. If he just response me quickly, even is not good news its still okay for me. Uncertain is worse than bad news. I hope my experience can give a lesson for the readers. Thank you.

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