What Business Should I Start?

One day my friend ask me to meet up, so we decide to meet up at coffee shop near my office. I walk there and i see my friend already wait me inside. We have a little chat about our activity right now, and he start tell me something.

“hey bro, i want to start a business” he said with passion in his eyes. What business you want to start? I asked. He explain to me that he want to make a tech company start up. He describe about how good his business plan and i congratulate and make him sure that he can be success.

The next month we decide to meet up again in the same coffee shop. I ask him how about his start up, he look at me and say he cancel his plan because he doesn’t find a tech guy co-founder. He said to me he has already a new plan, he want to run a restaurant. I suggest him to start selling product online, but he think that is not cool business.

Three month later we meet up again in the same place. I ask about his restaurant business, he reply to me his not start it yet because he can not find a strategic place and not enough capital. Then he ask my opinion, ” do you have a good business idea?” I tell him good business is a business that be start not just plan.

There is no bad business, no one know how good your business before you start. If you start, you will learn experience, you will know what advantage and difficulty in your business. If you only plan it and never start, you will never know. So start your business now, don’t think too much!

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