Truth of Money

I understand , not everyone agree with what i write. I suggest you to make money as much as you can.

Money is not everything, but a lot of thing have to be solve with money.

Money is root of evil, but a lot of crime is because of poverty.

Money can make someone bad, money just catalyst of someone’s nature.

Money can hurt someone, greed is the main cause not money.

Money can help someone, at least with money you can to help yourself to not burden anyone.

Love do not need money, but if love with money make more beautiful.

Freedom is everything, freedom with money is perfect.

We can live without money, but i know how hard to live without money.

Our parents can give us education, cloth , decent life because they have money.

Country can give education and health subsidy because they have money.

Therefore i say to make money as you can in good way, money have to get with honesty, so it will become gift. Never let money control us, let us control money.

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