Rich is about Mindset not Talent

How can someone become rich? I will answer in simple way, if your income and assets higher than your expense dan liability, you are rich.

There is two simple rules to become rich, you don’t need have to become entrepreneurs or start business like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. I don’t mean make a business can not make you rich, but it is not a key point how you become rich.

First you have to saving, no matter how much your salary or income, you have to save as much as you can. No matter even you can earn $10.000 each month, if you spent it all, you don’t save anything. It is better if you earn $1000 , and you can save $300 each month.

Second is investing, this is the key how you can be rich. No one in this world can become rich without investing. There is someone who win lottery ticket and become millionaire, but become more poor few years later. This is happen because they don’t know how to manage their money.

Why saving is important, because if you want to invest you need saving. Saving like an fuel, and investing like an engine. Investing can be variations, you can invest in stocks, real estate, etc.

Even everyone already know investing is a key point to become rich, unfortunately not everyone will do it. If you ask my parents to invest in stock market,they will say it is too risky. If you ask them to invest in real estate, they will say they can’t find a good one. If you ask them to invest in bonds they will say it’s due date too long.

The best investment they say is to put their money in the bank and get the interest from it. The problem is bank’s interest never above inflation rate. It is mean that you let your money keep reducing in the bank. That is why rich is just simply about mindset.

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