Should I Resign and Start My Business?

My first question is why you want to start a business? I ask this because i don’t want you to do a mistake. A lot of people when having a trouble or just bored from his job, will start to think about become entrepreneur.

8 from 10 people will think that become entrepreneur is a success symbol or greatest achievement in life. I called this “entrepreneur star effect”, because there is a lot book, motivation teach people how to become entrepreneur.

You can find a lot of book teach you how to become entrepreneur, but you seldom to find a book to teach you to become a worker. They are not teaching the wrong thing, but they know a selling point in become entrepreneur is better.

This effect become higher with a lot of example of young and success millionaire entrepreneur.

Become entrepreneur is not a bad choice, but before you decide it, you need to know a few things. If you think 9 hour job with five days a week is boring to you, unfortunately become entrepreneur is 24 hour job with no holiday. Even you are in middle of vacation, your mind still stick in your business, it is something that you can not ignore.

Business can give unlimited income? Actually it is better to say it uncertain income. When you start a business everything can be happen, not having a sales is not a strange things in the business. But you have to remember, you have a family that waiting for you to put food in the table.

Are you good at manage people? I told you it is the hardest things to do in the business. You need to start hiring people, manage them and also firing them when you think it is necessary. It is not easy things to do!

Prepare to have a debt, you will start to introduce debt when you have a business. When you have it, you already have obligation to keep your business in a good track. If something wrong happen, prepare to lose all of your effort. One of good news, bankrupt is a common thing in the business, so you are not the only who will face it.

If you already prepare and make decision, it is good things, i am sure you can become a great entrepreneur. I am not forbid you to become entrepreneur, i just don’t want you to be certain in your decision.

Employee or Entrepreneur is just decision in your life. Not all people have to become entrepreneur, you also can be success in a company. Do you think Sundar Pichai , CEO of Google or Tim Cook, CEO of Apple is not success? If you keep investing in yourself, you also can become entrepreneur in yourself.

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