What is The Best Way to Start a Business?

One day you wake up from your bed and make a decision to start your own business, congratulation! You already make a great decision. I really support with your decision, not everybody have a courage to start a business.

Starting a business is great things to do, even the business maybe not running well, you still have a great experience from it. Trust me, you will learn a lot of thing when you run a business. I know a lot of people have a regret to never start his own business. When they want to start it, they think it is already too late for them.

If you are an employee right now and make a decision to resign and start a new business. I suggest you not to do it, business have uncertain income. You should never think to start business now and at the next month you will become successful entrepreneur. It was just a nice dream.

Normally you need six month to have a little track of revenue of your business,at the first month it is not strange if you don’t have any revenue. That’s mean you need prepare to spend your six month saving for pay your expense.

What happened if your business not running as well as you think? It will drain your saving until you got track for your business. I would rather to suggest you to keep your daily job, and start your business as your side hustle.

You can still have an income every month to cover your expense, and at night or weekends you can do your business until you got track for your business. If you do it well, your side hustle can have a higher income than your salary.

You can starting consider to leave your job and focus in your business after your business revenue at least have a same as your salary. I hope this tips can be useful for readers.

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