Why We Have to Stop Sandwich Generation?

What is sandwich generation? I will explain it with the simple way, sandwich generation is a condition where our generation have to feed our parents and our children.

Is it bad? Actually this is a common things in our society, as a good child,we have a responsibility to take care our parents. Because they also take care of us when we are children. Our children is totally our responsible because we decide to have them.

Do you feel the stress now? Yes, it can be really stress, it can put huge financial burden on families. Imagine, if your parents sick you have to spend a lot of money for the medication.

It will make you to use your saving and emergency fund. In other hands your wife and children still depend on you, you still have to think about food, daily expense, and education for your children.

What should we do? We also will become old one day, should we will give this burden to our children?

Actually this is happen because our older generation lack of financial education. They just saving when they are young, they never think to invest their money to protect their financial when they are pension.

They are not buy insurance for themselves to protect them when they are sick. If they did it before, they will not give this burden to their children.

What happen right now is already happened. We can not ignore our parents and blame them for this case, they are still our parents that raising us with all their love. We have to give our love to them too.

We have to open our eyes and mind. We have to start to invest and protect our financial. We can not avoid this condition now, but we can avoid this sandwich generation for our children.

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