Loneliness is Part of Your Journey

Have you ever feel lonely? One night, you stay alone in the home when all of your friend go to party. No one invite you to the party anymore, and you just realise everything is not same anymore.

Loneliness is one of the price that you have to pay when you start a business. You will lose a lot of friend from your circle, it is not because you do a bad things so they hate you. It is just because you decide to improve yourself and choose to go another circle.

They just feel you are different now, most of them will mocking you from behind. They think that you are betray them. Actually the just afraid of losing you, they afraid of your change.

They just don’t understand you. Even you try to explain to them they still cannot understand.

It is not just happen with your friends. It also can be happen with your spouse, sometimes you can’t tell everything about your business problem because she is not understand with it.

You will feel this loneliness, i also feel the same way. The first time i share about my idea to open my own business, 8 from 10 say that i do a stupid things, 2 of them just say to considering my decision.

Even i share with my wife, she also not certain with what i do. This is a price you have to pay, you will be like samurai. You will be alone until you find your team who understand your vision, and together with them you will achieve your dream.

Thank you

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