Are you a Leader?

Everyone can be a boss, but not everyone can be a leader. if you start your own company you already become a boss. Leader is not position, leader more likely a characteristic.

If what you did inspire other people to follow you, you are a leader. They recognise you as their leader because they admire you. The question is what do you need to become a good leader? What make other people want to follow you?

There are many reasons why people want to follow someone. They can follow you because you smart, charisma, attitude, etc. So leader have to be the smartest in the team?

You should have intelligent to lead your company, but you should not be the smartest one in your company. You have to hire someone smarter than you and make sure they can work together in order to make your company success, so if you are the smartest in your company, that mean you are in a big trouble.

One thing you should be number 1 in your company. You have to be the most visionary people in your company. Everyone in your company can lose faith, but as a leader you have to be bold. You have to make them stay focus in your vision,so everyone will not lose the track.

Your best assets is your team so You have to keep them at the best condition, they believe everything to you, they believe if they follow you they can have a better life. As a good leader you have to fulfil their wish, you have to make sure they got their own shares. You have to make sure all of them already eat, you eat the last.

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