Money and Friend

One day your friend come to you and ask your help. He ask you to borrow him $100, he really need it to pay his bill and he promise you to pay it next month. He is your good friend, so you trust and lend him the money.

Next month, you call him and ask your money. He say he can’t pay you this month, and promise to you he will pay you next month. You think maybe he is in really difficult situations now, so you decide to wait until next month.

Two month later, you have a problem with your finance, you need $100 to pay your credit card bill. You remember, you lend $100 to your friend and this time you need that money back.

You call him and ask his help to pay you back your money because you need that money to pay your credit card bill. He answer you , he does not have any money now. He even tell you are not good friend, and say my problem is my fault. i should not force him to ask the money now.

Classic story, but trust me, i have 3 friend did to me like that. I am not the only one to face this kind of case. Friend and money is like oil and water, you borrow your money to your friend and prepare to lose both of them.

Should you borrow your money to your friend? Actually the best answer is NO, but sometimes it is so hard to say that, because your friend asking to your help and before that, your relationship with him is good. It is like a dilemma, more emotion play in this part.

You have to sure when you lend your money to your friend, you have prepare to lose it. I am not sure have a good idea to get your money back, especially if the amount is not big, fight for it just waste your time and energy.

I would rather to suggest you to manage the risk. It is better you to lend your money to your friend at the amount you are ready to lose. If your friend ask you to borrow $100, tell him you only have $30 now. Trust me, he still take it no matter how much you have.

One important point, you have to make sure the money you lend to him is your cold money. That mean this money will not trouble your financial when you lose it.

Later you can ask that money back, if he is running from you and he is not willing to pay you back that money. It is okay, it is a good price to make you realise that he is not your good friend, and he will not ask you to borrow him more money. It is a good deal!

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