The Best Investment for Everyone

There is the best investment with no risk, high gain, no need a lot of money and everyone will have a big chance to get it. Unfortunately even it is easy and cheap, not everyone will do it.

You guess it? Yes, it is book. Book is the best investment for yourself, it will give you knowledge that you need. Knowledge is powerful, with knowledge you can open your mind to the world.

You can get knowledge from everywhere, news, internet, etc. I believe that books is the best source of knowledge, if you read one book, you learn the author experience for 10 years. Experience is expensive, it is more expensive if you have to learn it by yourself.

Unfortunately not everyone want to read books. They would rather spend their time on watching Netflix or playing video games for 3 hours rather than 30 minutes for reading book.

Most people don’t like reading because human psychology don’t like to see a lot of word together. It can make them feel dizzy, uncomfortable, bored, etc. Reading is hard at beginning, but if you do it consistently, you will enjoy and become habit.

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