Problem With our Society

When we are children we live in our family circle. Our parents is our role model, whenever we have a problem, we will ask our parents for solution.

We are grow up now, when we are older our circle is bigger. We have friends, college, neighbours, and more community, they are join together and we call them society.

Society can be good, they can give us informations , helps, tips, chances. Unfortunately they also can become so annoying.

Society always make a standard, and force someone to follow that standard. If you fail to fulfil their standard, they will judge you as failure. I give you some example for their question.

“Where is your girlfriend?”

“When are you marriage? you already 30 years old”

“You already married for 5 years, why still not have children?”

“Why you just have 1 child”?”

There are a lot of annoying questions like that. The worse part, they don’t realise they will hurt someone feeling when they ask it. They think it was an usual question, and if you are not fulfil their question, they will judge you as failure.

This condition can be dangerous, someone can be trapped in this condition. They will try to fulfil society expectations, if they are fail, it will be bad for their mentality. There are case someone becomes depression and choose to end their life.

Whatever you do, there are always judgement from our society. Their judgement are never ending. It is better for you to stop hear from them and start to live in your own way. Whatever your decision, it is your story and you are the main actor.

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