The Most Important Asset That You Should Have

At the beginning of our life, god already give us the best asset in our life. if you are born healthy, it was the best investment that we got.

Health is something that can be get by free, but also can become really expensive. For someone that be born normally and healthy, they can be really grateful, not everyone can get such a bless.

Health have need to be maintain, there are a lot of people underestimate their health. They think health is free, so they are never maintain it. They eat junk food, lazy to exercise, they drink alcohol and they smoke cigarettes, they live so unhealthy.

In the end, when their health have a problem, it can be really expensive. Healthcare is one of the most expensive industry right now. Cancer care costs in the United States are projected to exceed $245 billion by 2030.

The researchers found that the cancer attributable annualised average costs were highest among those who died from cancer in the end of life phase, corresponding to $105.500 per patient. The worst, even you have billion dollar, if you are are not heathy, it is worthless.

There are a lot of people saving money entire of their life , just to pay their medication in the end. That is why we need insurance for our protection. I don’t give credit which insurance is the best, you need to research which insurance company will give the best protection.

The best way to keep our health is start to leaving healthy, start to exercise 30 minute everyday, try to stop smoking and drinking, eat more vegetables. Hopefully after you read this blog, you can start to live healthy, because life is precious.

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