The Best Spending in My Life

Saving to Invest is great, but saving without spending is also unhealthy. Trying to accumulate money without spend is like you pour wine in the glass but you never drink it. Spending is a reward that we give for ourselves, if you are never spending you will lose a reason to saving. Life is just once so we have to enjoy it.

People have their own ways to spending for themselves, you maybe reward yourself with luxury goods like branded bag or clothes. My friends like to reward themselves with dream car. My children reward themselves with toys, or sometimes you can reward yourself with fancy dinner. There are a lot ways how you spend and reward yourself.

If you ask me, what is my best spending? I will definitely answer travelling. I really love travelling, for me it is the best way to spend my money. I live in South Sumatera (Indonesia) for more than 25 years, South Sumatera is one of part city in Indonesia. I always think that I already know a lot about this world, I mean I know the world is big, but I think it is like I expected in my mind.

My first travelling in Jakarta start to open my mind, the world is so big, there are a lot of people with different cultures and styles. The way of their thinking is also different, they are have more knowledges and point of view. Now I already travelling a lot of place and country, the more I travelling , it make me realize I just small part of this world, I am like a frog in the pond, never know how big is the sea.

Now my dreams is to travelling the world, I want to travel as much place as I can in my life. Every time I spend my money in travelling, I never feel that I waste it. I always feel that I get something more when I spend it that way. Life is just once and I want to see it all before my life end.

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