Nana Korobi Ya Oki

“Nana Korobi ya Oki” is one of japanese poem, it mean if you fell down seven times, you wake up eight times. Even it was easy to say, the effort in this quote is powerful.

Japan is one of great country that show you to never give up. When they lose in world war II, they are barely have nothing left. They lose all of their resources, their people live in very poor conditions. They even have to pay compensation to the allied (winner of world war II).

Worse part, their demographic is also not good. Their country is in ring of fire area is asian pacific, this condition make japan always have to suffer earthquake and tsunami.

Even in this conditions, japan is one of the developed country in the world. Instead of blame about their condition, they work hard and find solutions to survive in this condition.

Why i write this blog? In this life no one ever success without fail. Even we know that, a lot of people give up in their first try. The psychology burden when someone fail is quite high, but you have you to wake up again.

Colonel Sanders the founder of KFC, nearly committed suicide before start KFC. His KFC recipe also be rejected 1009 before succeeded.

Jack Ma the founder of Alibaba be rejected 10 times to study in Harvard. He is being turned down 30 times when he apply jobs. He try to work at KFC, from 24 interviewers, he is the only one that failed. Now he is the richest man in china and number 17 in the world.

Everyone has their luck limit, of course you have fail limit too, just use it all. You can fail so many times, you just need success one time. If you are someone who success now because never give up, i really admire you, because you are strong.

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