Better Late than Sorry

In my previous blog, i describe you can fail many times as long as you are not give up, you are not fail. Start your business as soon as you can it good things.

Unfortunately there is one things that you should never rush in making a decision. It is marriage! For marriage, it is better late than sorry.

Marriage is different than business, it is something that you have thinks carefully, you have to know your partner well before make a decision to married.

Marriage the wrong people can completely destroy your life. It was unhealthy, and it make a lot of stress in your life. Marriage should be a happy story, not tragedy.

One of my friend, before they are married, they are a really a good couple. They always, eat fancy dinner, always go to vacation together. They are completely like perfect superstar couple.

I think they will be have a happy life after their married. Unfortunately life tell different story, all their couple life before is like illusion, she just know his husband has gambling hobby, and he has a lot of debt because of his hobby.

Not every marriage will be successful, if your marriage is not happy and you choose to divorce, it is okay. Divorce not always bad, it is just you have made wrong decision before and you want to start a new life. Being alone is better than toxic relationship.

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