Give Your Baby Loves not Money

As a Parents we hope that we can give the best for our baby. They are happiness in our life, they give a colour in family. Unfortunately sometimes we give them much more than they needs.

Baby spending in one of the biggest spend in family financial. In Singapore, parents need to spend about $ 30.000 for their infants and about $28.000 for their toddlers.

The problem is bigger when parents over treated their baby with too much things. There are a lot of parents shower too much money to their baby. They just just want to show their love, their assumption they want to give the best things that they can.

Actually this situation can make a financial burden for family. Parents will buy the best crib for baby, buy a lot of toys, clothes, etc. They sometimes buy something that still can be used. They just feel they want to spend for it.

Baby need more love rather than things, shower more love to them not money. Give more attention for their development, spent more your time with them. Give more what they need rather what they want. Save more money for their education is better than buy a lot of toys for them.

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