Crab Mentality

One day i am going to buy fish in sea market near beach. I like to buy seafood there because the seafood is still fresh and alive. Suddenly i see someone sell crab near me.

He ask me to buy crab from him, he say his crab is really good and he show me a pail with a lot of crab. The crab look nice, i decide to buy two from him. I think today will be seafood fiesta for me.

After that i am realise something, i am see that the merchant never close his pail, i am curious and try to ask him “ why you are not close your pail? The crab will run out from it”. He smile at me and say “don’t worry, they are will never out from there, it is because when there is a crab want to climb out, another crab will pull it down again.”

I am see that phenomenon and it is true, the crab always do the same things. One try to climb and one will pul them down, in the end no one come out.

This is what happened in our life too, sometimes people try to compete each other, they don’t want to see other people more successful than him. When someone try to show more capacity, there are other people will envy and try to put him down.

This will happened in every aspects in our life, from our school, company, work, etc. Actually if the crab want to working together, they can easily out from that pail. Let us learn this lesson from crab mentality, in order to fulfil our goal, we need to working together.

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