Marriage or Business First?

I write this blog because i got this question from my seminar audience. He ask me this question “should i start my business or marriage first?”.

He describe his condition for me, he say he already has 3 years relationship with his girlfriend, they already think about going to married. Right now, he is intend to start his new business, but he is afraid that his new business can’t provide them stable income.

Actually marriage and business is separate things, marriage is a commitment, you need to openly share your opinion to your partner. If your partner is okay about your idea to open a business, you can face it together. You should never think that starting business is not your partner problem, it is just bring miscommunication later.

Honestly in my opinion, starting business is easier before you married, because in the first year of your business, your income is not stable yet. You can reduce your expense to pminimum until your business get traction. If you are married, you will have a bigger expense. This situation can be manage, if your partner have a job to secure the expense until the business get traction.

The key point in this situation is you need to share your opinion and problem to your partner. If your partner already accept your condition, married first or business first will not matter anymore. You also can not make someone waiting too long because of your ego.

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