The Most Cunning Game in History

Once upon a time in a village, there are a lot of monkey. The monkey always come to the village and make a trouble to villagers. One day there is a rich people come to the village.

He see this situation and decide to solve this problem. He ask his bodyguards to spread rumour to the villagers. He say that he want to buy $10 for each monkey alive.

The rumour quickly spread and the villagers start to hunt the monkey. The rich people really buy the monkey for $10 each monkey. All the villagers really happy, it is like an easy money for them.

A lot of monkey already being hunted by the villagers. The monkey population already reduced, after hear that the rich people asked the bodyguard to spread the rumour that he will buy the monkey for $20.

Hearing that, all the villagers become more enthusiastic to hunt the monkeys. The monkey population become more slightly. The rich people see this situation, he even higher the price that he want to buy the monkey for $50.

It is really high price for one monkey, the problem is the villagers can not found a single monkey in the village anymore.

One day the rich people go out, and there are only his bodyguards in the village. They ask the villagers that they want to sell the monkey to them for $30, so the villagers can sell the monkey back to the rich people for $50.

Hearing that, every people think that it was a great deal to get a lot of money. They buy all the monkey that they catch before from the bodyguards. After that the rich people and his bodyguards already go and never come back to the village.

This monkey game is already old story, but you can still find a scheme like this until now. This scheme always be around us with different camouflage, from investment, MLM, etc.

Even there are a lot of scheme like this, there are still a lot of people who fell in this game. It is not because they are fool or don’t know about this game, it is just their greed fooled them.

Always control your emotions, learn the investment before do it. Never feel in instant cash, don’t be fooled like the villagers. As long as you can control your emotions, this scheme is just like funny things for you.

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