Warning! Never Think Like This!

There is a lot of people still think that “ love of money is the root of evil”. The truth is “ Greed is root of evil” the problem in this case is people greed make them evil, money is just tool.

Unfortunately human always good at blame something. They are more accepting if you blame the money as the main problem rather than admit the main cause is themselves.

There are a lot of good things that can be done with a money. You can donate to someone who need, you can build a school for poor people, you can build shelter for homeless people. There are a lot of things you can do with a money.

“The lack of money can be root of evil”. If you catch a thief, and asked them why they are stealing, they will answer you that they need the money for food, health, buy medicine, etc. When there is a lot of urgency of money, someone can do anything to get that.

Never let money control you, you are the one who control the money. Much of poor and middle class people always be control by money, and rich people is the one who control the money. This is because they are lack of financial literacy, and blame the money as their problem.

If you want to be rich, ask rich people about financial literacy, not asked them for their money. If you want to buy Ferrari, never ask opinion from Toyota class.

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