Wealth is Freedom

One day i meet one of richest people in Indonesia, i am really glad that he is agree to meet me for a while in his busy time. His time is so precious, he only have 30 minute to meet me before he fly to another city. The first time i look at him make me impressed.

I imagine that he will look glamorous with branded clothes, luxury watch, but it was totally different, he just come with polo shirt and sneakers. I only see use a wedding ring, really look so casual. I think the waitress will think that i am the one who look like rich person.

He is really humble, he is willing to share his experience to me. I am so curious and ask him about one thing, what is his goal about money? He smile to me and answer me, “ Freedom”.

He explain to me that he never think about buy luxury watches, clothes, cars as his goal. He never want to use that branded clothes, because he say it just a stupid things to do to impress someone else, he never need that. Make you look rich just make you lost your freedom, even just to strolling around become something dangerous to do.

He say freedom is his goal, with money he can have a lot of chance and choices to do. When he want to holiday with his family, he can choose wherever they want to go. If he want to dinner with his family, he can choose wherever restaurants they want to go.

Money can not buy everything, but it can give you more choices and chances for you. Poor people love to impress other, the rich people never need that.

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