How to Live Happily Every Sigle Day

When you wake up from your bed, you start your day with hope that happy things will come to you today. Unfortunately sometimes it is not happen as you want. Your job suck your day and your boss give you ton of workload, even when you are going home, public transportation look like a warfare. After you are at home, you feel that everyday is a same, just same routine as usual.

The good news is you are not the only one who feel that situation, and the bad news is this condition is not good for your health and psychology. This condition can affect your social life, the negative energy can affect another people around you and make you to suffer more depression. The worst part depression can bring people into suicidal action.

WHO (World Health Organization) even give serious monitoring about depression. Their data say there are more than 264 people in this world who suffer from depression. They even category depression as global burden disease. The problem is depression is hard to be monitor, depression always be hidden in someone until the person said they have it.

There are a lot of cause of depression, like childhood adversity, complex interaction social, but much of the cause is come from inner self. Lack of the thankful in life is the major cause of this situation, if you want to be happy every day, think like you only live for today and tomorrow you will die. If you think like that, you will see everyday is no more same routine, you will do everything that will not make you regret next time.

Happiness is already have in everyone, they just forget and close their eyes from it. There are a lot of different happiness for everyone, for someone his pet, children, vacation or video game is his happiness. If you have trouble in your life, you just need to remember what make you happy in this life.

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