What Is Your Circle?

In my country, there is poem “fruit is not fall far from the tree”. It is mean that a children will not much different from their parents. Is it mean that kid can be judge directly from their parents? I will write about it in this blog.

As a scientist say every creature have two categories that difference one object with another. First is nature, our body is come from billion Molecules , one of them that responsible that make us similar with our parents is DNA. This is a reason why our face, hair,skin, teeth, talent can be similar with our parents or our ancestor.

Genetic is hard to be deny, it is hard to change it especially for animal. Especially for horse, bloodline is really important. A good pony have to be come from a champion horses. It is nearly impossible for normal horse to win against champion bloodline horse.

The second reason that make someone difference is environment. Everyone have their own circle, at the beginning our life, we have a small circle that we call family. In this circle we learn a foundation of our life. This is one of reason why a bad parenting can have result violence kid.

Family is crucial circle for our life, but it doesn’t mean that our circle is stop in there. When we grow up we will make another circle in our life, in the school every kid will make make their own circle.

Circle is really powerful in build someone characters. I have a friend in primary school, he is smart and nerdy , after he enter secondary school he is join with a bad gangs in his class. He is totally different, his grade become bad and he always want to bully another kid.

Right now you have to wise to make your own circle. If you are in a drug circle, you will have a lot of probability to use drug too. If you are in smoker circle, you will likely to become smoker too.

The hardest part is not every bad circle have totally bad things. For example if you are in smoker circle, but they are also successful businessman. You are the one who have to be smart, you need to learn the good things and avoid the bad.

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