2020 Rewind

2020 is a miracle, it really a history, i never imagine that this year will make a lot of change in our life.

In 2020, it give the world a new form of life, it make everyone have to use mask, sanitisers become habit, travelling become impossible to do.

For me this year is very special, i will never forget this special year in my life. 2020 take something from me, but it also give another for me.

In April, my business get a huge financial pressure. Business become bad, sales drop, i have to make a hard decision to cut off my employee. I nearly think that bankruptcy is the only solution.

Even this year is truly bad for business, but i got something really precious. In this year, i have spend a lot of time with my family. Normally, i have to business trip for every two week each month. Now i find something precious, i have a lot of time to diner with my family.

Actually I am never start thinking about start blogging. I never think that writing will suit me, but now i feel it is fun. I just realised i already write 39 blog and have 144 followers. It is truly motivating me to write more blog.

I admit that my grammar is not good enough, but i will try my best to make my reader got some knowledge from my blog. Thank you for all my readers support, i will always give my best for all of you.

Happy New Year 2021

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