Don’t Judge Book From It’s Cover Is Naive

Everyone always say that we should never judge book from it’s cover. It sound like wise and cool, unfortunately that is something that really naive.

Appearance is something that be look first when you meet someone or buy something. Do you like to buy something that the packaging is dirty? I am believe that you will want a nice packaging, it is because you will assume the nice packaging mean a good product.

It is same happened to us, when we go job interview. No matter how smart or good you are, you need to look nice and tidy. It will make you look professional. The study say that 90 percent of HR will eliminate the candidates base of photos. That means if your photos can not make them attracted, you already lose in the first step.

Another example when you meet customer or client, do you think they will buy your product or service if you look like thug? That’s why MLM, bank, or insurance company will tell their front liner to dress well when meet the clients. Some of them will tell their marketer have to use suit as a company standard.

How your appearance is also how you appreciate someone. You do not need to look so glamorous, because it can make someone ill feel and disgusting. Dress well and tidy, you need to match your clothes depend on situation.

To make a good impression, you can learn from Professional Presence, you can find it here :

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