What Make Someone Moving?

Yesterday we see a tragedy event where ex president Trump’s supporters strom the U.S Capitol. In this chaotic scenes four people dead in this incident. Why so much people willing to participate in this scene? Is it because all of them is support the ex president?

To answer that question we have to know about the strong tie and the weak tie. Strong tie is a first circle or strong community that support someone, it can be a family, close friend, fanatic fans. Normally strong tie doesn’t have a lot of member rather than weak tie.

Weak tie is a bigger circle that is not directly have a strong interaction with someone, but they are still have an interaction with another tie, weak tie can be friend of family, friend of friend, or just someone who feeling sympathy.

Normally, demonstration is start from a strong tie, these people will make a clear narration or argument why they want to move.

Most of weak tie people is move is just because they fell the same thing, or just to follow their friend. They just think that if i am not follow now, i will feel bad to my friend. This effect become larger like snowball effects.

The key point of this topic is the larger strong tie will affect more of weak tie. Never underestimate the weak tie, because even they are not totally have a strong bond with someone that they are support, their people is contributing 80 percent from mass.

One of company that successful use this phenomenon is Apple. Apple have a strong base people who fanatic with their product. At the beginning strong tie is the one who use the apple product, now weak tie also join to use it, they think that if they are not use it, they will leave behind.

This effect also always being used by Ponzi scheme. They will give a big reward for their strong tie in order to make weak tie follow them.

One of the book that give a great explanation for this effect is Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, you can find it here https://www.amazon.sg/gp/product/1847946240/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=247&creative=1211&creativeASIN=1847946240&linkCode=as2&tag=roycehack-22&linkId=47518aaa168fdea259fbb4ffc83b590a

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