How to Get a Good Shape in Fun Way

2020 is the most unique years in my life, my daily activity is not same as usual anymore. I never imagine that i can spend most of my time in the home. Working at home become something new for me, at the first time i think it was something impossible to do. But the result, everything is go smoothly.

One of my problem in circuit breaker is my lifestyle become bad. I am become less exercise and starting to enjoy netflix with snack. At the beginning it is okay, but it is become worse each day, it is become my habit, i gain so much weight in no time.

I am determine to do exercise, unfortunately i am too afraid to go outside and do exercise (maybe it is just my reason to avoid exercise). I am thinking to do home exercise, i try to do exercise from youtube tutorial, it was actually great, but my motivation is not enough to continue. I am only do two or three time and lost my motivation to do it anymore, in the end i am continue to netflix and snack again.

And one day my friend told me about something that can make me interested to do exercise, he told me to try one game that called Ring Fit Adventure, it was one of the game from nintendo switch with RPG genre. At the beginning i think it was a joke for me, i have ever play a game with exercise fiture like dancing, etc. It is easily make me bored to continue, and i assume this game is same like others.

My friend insist me to do it, so i think it is not something bad to do, i also want to do exercise and i just need try to do this. i am start to buy the game, this game is bundle with the two accessories, so we get one game ,one ring fit and one leg band.

you can find this game here

After i play this game, i feel that this game is different than any exercise game i play before. it is a perfect game that make you sweating so much, this game really train your body workout from plank, squat, grip press, and there is a lot of combination between strength and endurance workout. This was a genius design combination workout and game.

One of the great things from this game is you are not feeling that you are do some boring exercise routine. This game has a story and role playing story. My motivation to finish this game is not exercise, i just want to complete this game, the result after i finish this game, i lost about 22 pound. I am playing it about 1 hour our real time each day, and trust me you will sweating a lot.

this game was really great for home exercise, the best things from this game is this game can drive our motivation to finish the game, and fit become its good result. So if you want to try lost weight, you can try this game, just finish the game and it will give you nice result.

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