Should You be Risk Taker to Success?

We always hear that all successful billionaires people are a risk taker. We usually hear that their story is like a movie, where someone take a big risk into his life, and give them the result to be billionaires. Do you think that we need to be risk taker to be successful?

There is miss conception in this phenomenon, most of people like a dramatic story, like superhero who suffer at the beginning and later gain a power with sacrifice and defeat the evil. That is why we always hear inspiration story from successful people, it is simply because it was more interesting to be told.

Actually most of successful people don’t like to be risk taker, they are smart and wise people, they are already know what they are doing. They don’t like to gamble for something that don’t have a good odd with them. They know what they do, that is why for them it is not a risk, they already manage the risk.

I take the example for founder of microsoft, Bill Gates. We always hear the story that he choose take a risk to drop out from college and start to build a microsoft. Actually Bill Gates not immediately choose to drop out from college when he build the microsoft at the beginning. He take his annually leave for a year, in order preparation if his business is fail, he is a great risk mitigator. He starting to leave his college when he already certain that his business get traction.

The same thing happen with another successful role like, Steve Wozniak who choose to still working at hawlett packard rather than join apple immediately, Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal the co founder of Warby Parker who start their business when they are still working in their job.

Elon Musk the visionary businessman and become the richest person in the world. Make a big progress, he maybe look like the risk taker businessman, but he also a good learner, he already make a solid plan far before he start the space x and tesla.

Risk and success is something that come together, avoid risk totally can make you lost a lot of chance to success, but take a big risk is also something stupid to do. We should manage the risk in the level that we can acknowledge. Risk become less risky if you understand the game that you play.

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