Is It Wise to Spend Your Money on Self Reward?

Some people will think that self reward is something that we should get to ourselves, the others will think that self reward is just waste a money that you earn. So which one is better?

Self reward is the way you reward yourself for what you achieve in your life, it can because you win a competition, you get a promotion, you something simple like you do exercise today.

Self reward is really important, because it will give you a reason and motivation to do something or achieve something better. The problem just what kind of reward you give to yourself? The ideal ways is your reward should not affect your financial health and your reward should be equal with your achievements.

I think it is not wise if you decide to reward yourself with chanel purse because you do your exercise today. There are a lot of kind of self reward that you can give to yourself, not all self reward should be expensive.

You can reward yourself like one slice of cake because you do exercise today, or you can reward yourself to spa after a month of your hard work.

I have a friend that self reward himself with new iphone, he say that he reward himself because it is his birthday, make sense for me. The problem is he don’t have the money to buy it, so he decide to use his credit card and pay it each month for two years.

Now, i don’t think that he reward himself wisely. He need to pay more for his reward and got a debt for two year. It is personal matters, but for me i will not reward myself with something that beyond my financial ability.

The key point is self reward is something that you must do to yourself, but you also have to make sure that you don’t over reward yourself too much.

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