Reverse Selling or Sarick Effect

Have you ever heard about Sarick effect? Sarick effect is one of psychology mindset that be popular by Adam Grant in his book Original. What is Sarick effect? Why we should use it? and When the best time we should use it?

you can find the book here

Sarick effect use a reverse psychology mindset, Sarick effect will deliver pessimism and doubtful message will be a great tools for leadership. This Sarick Effect is perfectly be use by Rufus Griscom when he was pitching his start up funding Babble to investor. He try to pitching four times to his investor and told how great his start up Babble, unfortunately his pitching always fail because the investor always searching the weakness of his start up.

In his fifth pitching investor, he try to do something differently. His first slide presentation write ” Why you should not Investing in Bebble”. After that he is elaborate all his weakness and reason from his previous investor to the fifth investor. The result was different, the fifth investor feel that his weakness in not bad at all, and they success to secure $3,3 million funding.

The next funding session, Disney have interested in his funding. Rufus Griscom do the same thing to Disney board. He give a reason to Disney why they should not buy Bebble, in the end Disney agree to purchase Bebble for $40 million, and agree to put him in Disney board for two years.

Why Rufus Griscom use Sarick effect? Why he is success to use it? It is because simple psychological situation, everyone is not like to be sold. When you try to sell something to someone, they will increase their guard and try to find the weakness about our product. This is what happened with Rufus investor, when they heard his pitching , they will increase their guard and try to defense themselves from his pitching.

At his fifth investor, when he do it differently and ask them to not invest in his start up. They are laughing and feel it was silly and funny, they are lower their guard and try to not defensive. The good thinks they will try to give solution for you. In the end they will think that his weakness is not fatal and can be anticipated. The investor also think that Rufus is a honest, and there are nothing more dangerous than founder that not know his weakness.

Sarick effect is really effective to lower buyer guard and increase their awareness and curiousity. But you should be careful when yo use it, you should have a strong message to deliver. If you don’t have a message to deliver, Sarick effect will give negative result.

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