How to Speak Your Idea

Speaking your idea look easy to do, unfortunately it is one of dangerous things to do for your careers. Most people especially new employees will think that they need to speak their idea to get attention. they are compete to gain popularity and increase their visibility for their company, they hope they can quickly get promotion in their careers.

Unfortunately the result is different, most of new employee will be avoid, reject or fired if he is vocal to loud. His college will avoid them and his supervisor will think that they just want to show off.

This situation always happened in every company. This is also the reason why the company can be stuck in development, they are lack of new idea. So what should we do?

In order to make someone want to hear our idea, we need something that we called respect. Respect is different than position, someone can get a higher position in company, but without a respect people don’t want to hear him. They just act like they obey, but they will never follow.

In the company there are teo type of people, one is typical people who want to pleased and be liked by everyone. They don’t want any conflict, this typical people will look vey kind and welcome in the company.

The other people is someone that look harsh, speak frontal and straight forward when tell something. This people look like scary in company, and be avoid by people in the company.

Which one you will think is better to speak your idea? Most of people will like to tell the first type of people is the ideal people to speak your idea. Unfortunately, if you want make a change and give an idea in company, the second type of people is the better choice.

Most of the first typical people, just willing to hear your idea, but they are don’t like to change. They will avoid any conflict and choose to still remain as long as their position is safe. Most of people in the company is this type. I don’t tell this type of people is bad, they just don’t want to change.

The second type of people, even look harsh, they are typical of people want to hear about a new idea. If your idea is good, they are willing to make a change. They are not afraid to be hate or be dislike by his college, if they think that it is good for the company, they will do it.

In the company like google, the first type of people is good at user experience, and the second type of people is good at operating system.

The key point to make someone hear your idea and will to make a change is to get the respect in the company and tell the idea to the right people.

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