How If Your Wife Have a Higher Income Than You?

In this era, there are people who think that man should have a higher income than his wife. They still assuming that wife should be do housework. Does it still relevant in this era?

Especially in Asian, there are people still think that man should have a higher income, they will think it is a shame if their wife have a higher income than them.

This way of thinking is starting a long time ago, there are a lot of discrimination gender at that time. The woman are not allowed to get higher education, they are not allowed to fill higher position in company, they are even not have rights to vote. Most of people at that time think that woman will never do better than man.

But that is not right, in the end there are a lot of woman such as Lucy Stone, Susan B Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt, etc prove that woman have a same right with a man. Their effort have a great impact in woman rights now, we can see woman have a position in company and politics.

For a woman, have an income is something that really good to do. In my interview with careers woman, they told that the nicest part in have your own income is you don’t need to ask money to your husband when you want to buy something for your kid.

They say even their husband is nice and good, sometimes their job can affect with their emotion. Sometimes if you ask a money from them, they can look irritating. If you have an income, you don’t need to ask money from your husband everyday.

Sometimes man can be selfish, they want their wife to ask money from them, but they don’t want you spend his money, and they afraid if you earn your own money.

If your wife have a higher income than you, that is great. You don’t need to feel shamed and angry because of your ego. If she have a higher income, it is good sign for your family financial.

You have a kid to educate, you have a family to feed, there are a lot of needs in the family, your ego will not settle that bill. As long as there are still respect in both of you.

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