Not Every Procrastination is Bad

Procrastination is the act to delaying or postponing something. This condition is really notorious in our life. Most of people admit that procrastination is part of their life.

In this era, procrastination become more problem for people, especially there are a lot of distraction to take out our focus from smartphone, video game, television, etc.

Especially for smartphone, smartphone is the biggest cause for someone to loss focus. More than 80 percentage of people admit that they always check their phone when they do their activity. Most of them checked their phone more than 3 times in 10 minute.

A lot of distraction can make someone do procrastination. In order to do an activity, people need a fuel that we call “willpower”. The willpower can be run out in certain time. If someone delay their activity too long, they will assume that they can leave their activity right now and decide to do it later.

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of productivity, but procrastination is the friend of creativity. Most of people find a creativity when they are in procrastination.

Creativity is something that you will find in a calm and idle mind. In Ancient Egypt procrastination have two different verbs: one denoted laziness; the other meant waiting for the right time.

Leonardo da Vinci delay his masterpiece Mona Lisa for 16 years. He is started his work at 1503 and delayed it until 1519, but a lot of people believe his delayed make his art is masterpiece. In his procrastination, Leonardo da Vinci do a lot of project like sculpture, painting, lighting, etc. The people believe his experience when procrastinating Mona Lisa make it become perfect art.

Not every procrastination give the bad impact for us. just make sure your procrastination don’t bring you into laziness, and don’t ruin your important activity.

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