Art of Sell : How to make your product hit

No one ever like to be sold, this is the rules in selling. You try to sell something to your friend and family? They will give you more speech rather than buy your product.

Marketing techniques already improved a lot, long time ago hard selling become popular method in the marketing, sales will knock door to door and try to sell the product. They make assumption the more you knock the door, the bigger your chance to sell your product.

It is not totally wrong, if you do it in this era, maybe you can still sell your product, but it is not effective. Our marketing already improve a lot, science and psychology become a part of today marketing.

If you ask people what they want, they will tell they want something new, revolutionary, and fresh idea. Unfortunately most of people want to make a change, but afraid to change.

Henry ford ever said if he ask his customer what they want, they will answer they want the fastest horse, not a car. This is a customer psychology, most of people also don’t know what they really want until the product is there.

This is a formula of great marketing. You should make your product with familiarity. People will choose product that his familiar because it will give them safety feeling. In order to make your product hit you also need to make it look new and fresh idea.

The one who great to do this is Apple. When he launch ipod, Actually ipod is same like mp3, it is not something that really new, but Steve Job never said it is mp3 with new design, he re-brand his product with “thousand song in your pocket”. He make his product look something new, and revolutionary but he also make people familiar with ipod.

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