Is It Better to be First Mover?

Innovation always become the part of our life, we need innovation in order to make our life better. In every century there are some people will bring innovation and create something that nothing before. These people is the first mover, there are several advantage in become first mover, but is it clear that become fist mover will always good choice?

First mover is the person who create something first or enter the market before everyone else, first mover identic with creativity and innovation mind. These people have a same similarity like stubborn and bold character, most of them are live in order to make what their idea become reality. It is clear that our world need people like this to make our world better.

Nikola Tesla founding electricity, Henry Ford founding car, John Blakenbaker founding personal computer, they are several example of the first mover. There are several advantage to become the first mover, the first mover will gain competitive advantage by being the first bring product into market and established strong brand recognition for their product.

Unfortunately, there are only less than 20 percentage of first mover who can survive in the end. Become the first mover have advantage in creativity and innovation but have a disadvantage in the competitive market. It is clear that it is easier to enter market after someone else try it before, being the first one who enter the market have a big risk with make product with no one want. The cost of second mover product also cheaper 60-80 percent rather than than the first mover , because the first mover will have more cost in research and innovation cost.

This reason is not the main reason why first mover is hard to survive in competition, the first mover still can protect himself from copycat by a great weapon called patent. The main reason why the first mover lose is stubborn and vision in market, most of first mover have an overconfident in their product, they are prefer to make a product that they want not the market want. Second mover is good at this point, most of second mover not have a strong attachment and ego with the product, so it will easier for the second mover to innovate their product to match the market.

The first mover is not always the best without the best mover, In order to survive in the competition, the first mover should always innovate and match the market. This is also one of the reason why most of start up will change his founder position from CEO after the acquisition, founder will have a strong attachment with their product, it will hard to make innovation if the founder still in CEO position. But not every first mover like that, Amazon and Ebay is one of the great example that the first mover who still great until now.

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