Nervous? Do This!!

Everyone have ever feeling nervous, it is something normal that can be feel by everyone. What is nervous? Why it happened? And how to handle this?

Nervous is a condition where someone feeling worried and afraid with what will happens to them. Actually nervous is an alarm for somebody with what will happened to them. That is why we will feel nervous when our teacher will call our name with sequence, the more we know that Our turn is closer, the more we will feel nervous.

Another example is when we want to do exam, the more we know that exam is near, we will feel nervous. Sometimes people will blame nervous as their reason why they fail. This is not totally wrong, I will tell it why it can affect our performance.

Nervous is psychology condition that affect our mind, so when we feel nervous our mind will give a warning to our body, our mind will give a pressure to our body. This condition will make out body not performing as well as usual, sometime we suddenly forget what we study, our movements become stiff,etc.

Actually nervous not bad if you know how to handle it, there are some benefit of nervous to us, nervous is proven to produce adrenaline to increase our athletic performance. So how to handle your nervous? if you say to handle it by call someone to keep calming, you are wrong. Calling someone to calm is not effective at all, because it is like you want to suddenly turn off the engine when it is on fire.

There are better solution for this, the next time when you feel nervous, try to make yourself excited. If you feel nervous when to face an exam, try to think that this exam is nothing more than try out for your bigger goal. If you feel nervous when want to do performance, try to think that how people will amaze with your performance. Excitement can bring forward your nervous into positive energy.

So whenever next time you feel nervous, make sure that you make your nervous into excitement, try to think something that make you excited if you finish the challenge.

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