Hope For The Best, But Prepare For The Worst

If there is something happen in our life, we can decide to face it or avoid it. If you choose to face it, there are two possibilities for which one you see the situation. Do you see it as strategic optimism or defensive pessimism? Which one is suit for your character?

Strategic optimists are people who expect things to go well, and don’t end up fretting too much about the possibility of negative outcomes. They approach situations confidently without having spend too much beforehand worrying about what could happen.

Defensive Pessimist are people who keep their expectations on the lower side as a means of helping them prepare for the worst. In the lead-up to a given event or situation, they have a tendency to mentally rehearse all the ways things could go wrong.

Many people will choose to become strategic optimists, as their solution when they face the problem. They hope that the positive energy will drive their performance in the better result. Most people also like strategic optimist rather that defensive pessimist because optimist identic with something positive and pessimist is identic with something negative. People would rather choose something positive rather than negative.

Some people will think become strategic optimist is a “better” choice, but according of Dr. Julie Norem defensive pessimist is perform better than strategic optimist, because defensive pessimist will try imagine every possibilities of the reason why he is fail, so he will try to find the solution for each of his problem.

I am also typical of defensive pessimist, since long time ago. I always feel pessimist when i have an presentation, exam or meet the client. I always try to find the answer, or what will my client ask me about, sometime i even know what will my client ask before they ask. I am not say that become pessimist is perfect, if too much pessimist in your mind, you will decide to run or avoid rather than face the problem.

For myself, i choose to become pessimist in order to prepare the worst, and become optimist for what i do and when i am perform. I am typical 70 percent for pessimist and 30 percent for optimist, this also affect with my investing strategy, most of my investment is something that i am familiar, i am never invest in something that i am not understand. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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