The Worst Culture Today

Do you know what is the worst culture in the company? The more you are spend your time in office, your boss will think that you are diligent, and your co worker will think that you are bad, if you are going home on time.

This is actually really bad, it is simply because it show that the company are not effective, they are punish someone who work effective and give the reward who are not effective.

In the end, it will become root of all the problem, when there are new brilliant employees, they will be drag into toxic culture, it will kill their brilliant and creative mind. At last, they will join and become the part of this culture, and this will continue forever if no one break it. Why this culture is exist?

This culture actually start from long time ago, at that time most of the industry are agriculture, factory and construction. These sector have a same similarity in workload and work time, most of these sector need their worker to do more work in order to finish their daily job, that is why overtime is something usual in this sector, So the boss will give more reward for who work more.

We are live in transition era, most of people from industry era become leader or management today and still bring that culture, So you already understand why we still find this culture in the company. Right now, the industry already change shift from industrial sector into digital and creative sector. These sector need creative and efficiency in order to gain the best results.

One the good things, not every company still appreciates these culture. Most of big company such as Apple, Google, Microsoft never agree if their employer work so late, because it means they are not effective. They are build a new culture where balance between work and life is company goal.

I am sure this culture will be vanish in the future, just make sure we are not the one who keep this culture.

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