The Worst Culture Today

Do you know what is the worst culture in the company? The more you are spend your time in office, your boss will think that you are diligent, and your co worker will think that you are bad, if you are going home on time. This is actually really bad, it is simply because it … Continue reading The Worst Culture Today

When The Best Time to Sell Your Stock

Selling stock look something easy to do, but trust me it is not easy as it look. Human psychology make it become harder to do, if you sell to fast you will make a less profit, if you late to sell,it can be down and make you lose your profit. For me buying stock is … Continue reading When The Best Time to Sell Your Stock

Hope For The Best, But Prepare For The Worst

If there is something happen in our life, we can decide to face it or avoid it. If you choose to face it, there are two possibilities for which one you see the situation. Do you see it as strategic optimism or defensive pessimism? Which one is suit for your character? Strategic optimists are people … Continue reading Hope For The Best, But Prepare For The Worst

Nervous? Do This!!

Everyone have ever feeling nervous, it is something normal that can be feel by everyone. What is nervous? Why it happened? And how to handle this? Nervous is a condition where someone feeling worried and afraid with what will happens to them. Actually nervous is an alarm for somebody with what will happened to them. … Continue reading Nervous? Do This!!