Truth About Debt

What is the first thing in your mind when you heard “debt”? Most of people will think that debt is evil, we need to avoid it. Yes, it is not totally wrong, but i will give you another perspective. Actually debt is a tool, most of poor and middle class people will say that debt … Continue reading Truth About Debt

Don’t Judge Book From It’s Cover Is Naive

Everyone always say that we should never judge book from it’s cover. It sound like wise and cool, unfortunately that is something that really naive. Appearance is something that be look first when you meet someone or buy something. Do you like to buy something that the packaging is dirty? I am believe that you … Continue reading Don’t Judge Book From It’s Cover Is Naive

Why You Need Emergency Funds?

What is emergency fund? In a simple way emergency fund is a money that you have in order to pay unexpected expenses. Everyone have an emergency fund, but just a little people allocation their money for emergency fund. Why emergency fund is needed? No matter how good we plan for ourself, sometimes there are something … Continue reading Why You Need Emergency Funds?

The Most Cunning Game in History

Once upon a time in a village, there are a lot of monkey. The monkey always come to the village and make a trouble to villagers. One day there is a rich people come to the village. He see this situation and decide to solve this problem. He ask his bodyguards to spread rumour to … Continue reading The Most Cunning Game in History