Control It, or You Will Poor

Believe it or not, about 70 percent of our daily activity is be doing by our habit. Habit is routine of behaviour that we do repeatedly and tends to occur subconsciously. When we wake up in the morning, we do our morning routine like going to bathroom to brush our teeth or go to kitchen … Continue reading Control It, or You Will Poor

Why You Need Emergency Funds?

What is emergency fund? In a simple way emergency fund is a money that you have in order to pay unexpected expenses. Everyone have an emergency fund, but just a little people allocation their money for emergency fund. Why emergency fund is needed? No matter how good we plan for ourself, sometimes there are something … Continue reading Why You Need Emergency Funds?

Home is Investment or Liability?

Country roads, take me homeTo the place I belongWest Virginia, mountain mamaTake me home, country roads That is a part of song “take me home, country roads” by John Denver. This song can bring us a memory about our home, because this song play a strong emotion in our heart. Having house is a dream … Continue reading Home is Investment or Liability?

The Reason Why You Never Rich!

Everyone think that they know how to manage money, they always heard or read the article about it. It is not something new, but they always have struggle their finance every month. I am believe you know about manage fund rules, where you allocate your income into need, emergency fund, wants, saving and investment. The … Continue reading The Reason Why You Never Rich!