Reverse Selling or Sarick Effect

Have you ever heard about Sarick effect? Sarick effect is one of psychology mindset that be popular by Adam Grant in his book Original. What is Sarick effect? Why we should use it? and When the best time we should use it? you can find the book here Sarick effect use a reverse psychology … Continue reading Reverse Selling or Sarick Effect

Should You be Risk Taker to Success?

We always hear that all successful billionaires people are a risk taker. We usually hear that their story is like a movie, where someone take a big risk into his life, and give them the result to be billionaires. Do you think that we need to be risk taker to be successful? There is miss … Continue reading Should You be Risk Taker to Success?

How to Get a Good Shape in Fun Way

2020 is the most unique years in my life, my daily activity is not same as usual anymore. I never imagine that i can spend most of my time in the home. Working at home become something new for me, at the first time i think it was something impossible to do. But the result, … Continue reading How to Get a Good Shape in Fun Way