2020 Rewind

2020 is a miracle, it really a history, i never imagine that this year will make a lot of change in our life. In 2020, it give the world a new form of life, it make everyone have to use mask, sanitisers become habit, travelling become impossible to do. For me this year is very … Continue reading 2020 Rewind

What Is Your Circle?

In my country, there is poem “fruit is not fall far from the tree”. It is mean that a children will not much different from their parents. Is it mean that kid can be judge directly from their parents? I will write about it in this blog. As a scientist say every creature have two … Continue reading What Is Your Circle?

You Do Not Be Perfect to Start

One day you plan to start a business, you plan everything perfectly. You need the best design for your product, you want the best team, you plan the best marketing campaign and in the end you don’t start anything. You must be think, you have to make the best product/ service for your customer, you … Continue reading You Do Not Be Perfect to Start