What Is Your Circle?

In my country, there is poem “fruit is not fall far from the tree”. It is mean that a children will not much different from their parents. Is it mean that kid can be judge directly from their parents? I will write about it in this blog. As a scientist say every creature have two … Continue reading What Is Your Circle?

Warning! Never Think Like This!

There is a lot of people still think that “ love of money is the root of evil”. The truth is “ Greed is root of evil” the problem in this case is people greed make them evil, money is just tool. Unfortunately human always good at blame something. They are more accepting if you … Continue reading Warning! Never Think Like This!

The Most Cunning Game in History

Once upon a time in a village, there are a lot of monkey. The monkey always come to the village and make a trouble to villagers. One day there is a rich people come to the village. He see this situation and decide to solve this problem. He ask his bodyguards to spread rumour to … Continue reading The Most Cunning Game in History

Marriage or Business First?

I write this blog because i got this question from my seminar audience. He ask me this question “should i start my business or marriage first?”. He describe his condition for me, he say he already has 3 years relationship with his girlfriend, they already think about going to married. Right now, he is intend … Continue reading Marriage or Business First?